Multicoloured Friendship Bracelets in Cubic Zirconia and Gold Fill


FRIENDSHIP is the first collection at Dalia Jankus which has a very special place in designer's heart . "Friendship bracelets" is something that we all remember from the childhood, when best friends would wear matching handwoven cords as a token to symbolise their strong relationship and love.

This bracelet range is inspired by the beauty of human connections no matter how far apart you are. This stacking bracelet line will always remind you of those whom you love most. Made of 14ct gold fill to make it last.

Stud Drop Earrings in multicoloured gemstones

Drops Series

This series of earrings are celebrating the power of colour in everyday's life. The inspiration came from a traditional and classic drop stud earring which was created in a non traditional choice of colours - a rainbow. This is the second collection at Dalia Jankus which immediately became the best selling item in summer 2018. Drop series was also selected by a “Stylelinks” magazine promoting European fashion weeks and new designers. Drop collections is now available in Sterling Silver.

Long Beaded Chain Necklaces


This colIection was created to celebrate one of the most unique and powerful human abilities - our Imagination. We can use it as a tool to bring our craziest and most beautiful ideas to life. Because of this Superpower we become creative.
We become artists or genius storytellers. Imagination is a measurement that classes us as original individuals who do not fear to share their thoughts with the whole World.
This collection consists of pieces that have their individual stories and has become a Signature at Dalia Jankus. As the whole brand is related to traveling experiences, every piece stands for a beautiful memory from designer's travels.