I don't wear gold. Can I have the same piece in other metals?

Yes, of course. Simply fill in the form and contact the designer here requesting a custom order. Don't forget to include the name of the item that you are interested in and the size (if applicable) you need. Please note, that all orders are subject to availability of materials. On all occasions we are doing our best to either:

1) Propose alternatives on hand OR

2) Contact our suppliers to find out when the components will be available in stock.

Keep reading this article to find out about pricing and lead time of this service. Also, read our returns policy on our custom order.

I saw some of the items are "made to order". What does it mean?

Made to order means that the item has already been designed according to our vision but only produced as a sample. This piece of jewellery will be made just for You as soon as the order is placed. It takes up to 5 days to make it from scratch and it is priced as seen on the listing.

Please read our returns policy on our custom, made to order, and bespoke items.

What is the price difference between ready-to-wear and custom orders?

It is 10% plus the price difference in the materials used:

e.g. The earrings you like on our website is £50 but you prefer to have it in Sterling Silver. Say 14ct gold fill and Sterling Silver have no difference in price, therefore you pay only 10% extra i.e. £55.

Note: Choosing solid metals the price will be higher and going for copper and brass the price will be lower. Hence Sterling Silver vs rolled gold hardly vary in price.

Why do I need to pay 10% extra if I want my item customised?

10% covers sourcing and shipping costs of the materials that You requested. Also, the item is custom made just for You which means that no one else is going to have it.

What is the difference between custom, bespoke and made-to-order?

  • Custom item is an item that was designed according to our vision but customised according to Your preference and/or needs.

  • Made-to order item is an item that we produced as a sample only. It is handmade from scratch just for You.

  • Bespoke item is Your vision entirely made by us.

Please check our returns policy on our custom, bespoke and made-to-order items.

What is your processing time?

If the items is in stock we process the item within 1-3 working days. Once the item is shipped, you will receive a notification with a tracking number. Read more about shipping and lead times here. Processing time might change during public holidays.

There is nothing I like but I love your style...

We pride ourselves with an endless variety of bespoke servicesWe can source and combine the materials of your choice to fulfill Your vision. Simply get in touch with the designer and discuss what inspires You. Bespoke orders really depend on the difficulty of the project and the materials used, therefore lead time and quote will be provided individually.