Dalia Jankus - a handmade jewellery designer and maker

Dalia Jankus, the founder and the designer behind her own name jewellery brand, is originally from the capital of Lithuania where she was born and raised. Having a lot of family in Germany, Canada and the United States, she was lucky enough to have a little touch of originally designed clothes and toys which made her to stand out from her peers from a very young age. But it was the stories brought from over the Atlantic that made her imagine and dream of the Great Big World out there that may be discovered and indulged.

Dalia got acquainted with art and ballroom dance since she was five, which provided a strong foundation for her later choices in life. After suffering a trauma and not being able to pursue a dancer's career, she found herself in accessory design and languages. Her parents always knew that with her natural ability of picking up languages fast, she will seek travelling and studies abroad. After getting a degree in English Linguistics, Dalia continued her studies as a creative writer in London.

Living in such a busy and trendy environment, Dalia decided to get back to what she felt most passionate about. It wasn't long until she got her first job in one of the World's most luxurious department stores. Just under a year later, she became a jewellery specialist for an antique dealer where she was also involved in repairs and design side of business. Next year she was approached by another diamond company where she said to herself that it will be the last jewellery counter she will ever work for. 

Dalia Jankus moved to high fashion and worked on the New Bond Street for a red carpet footwear and accessories brand as a quality specialist for the next three years. After experiencing both front and back of the fashion house, Dalia felt ready to follow her dream and start her own jewellery line.


Sustainable effortless Elegance

Dalia Jankus branded logo



After years of travelling, Dalia got particularly inspired by effortless island life - breathtaking nature, rich colour palette and... simple beach jewellery sold in local markets. She noticed that locals would stack their handmade pieces with a great care and symbolic meaning. They could sit down with you and tell stories about people whom they were from or the the places they've been to. It was almost magical to see how they drift in their memories and start smiling just by looking at that simple leather cord with some colourful beads on their wrist.

By creating her brand, Dalia wanted to depict the most  precious memories, stories, experiences, shapes and colours from her memories whilst traveling, AND, the most important, to make her jewellery sustainable. She chose to work with 14ct gold fill which makes her pieces last without changing in appearance. Majority of stones she works with are also collected through her voyages in Asia and Europe.

The logo was also chosen purposely, which is a Dahlia flower, as her name, which originates from sunny Mexico. The colour orange represents energy and happiness which we hope you can feel in every of her pieces.