Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace

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Minimalist jewellery is elegant and timeless. It has a potential to accompany any look. It has been underestimated by a lot of us and considered as plain or boring for a while. Fortunately, minimalism found the way to break through and conquer the shelves of many businesses.

Minimalist jewellery features a variety of geometrical shapes and clean lines and understated details. It celebrates the beauty of basic shapes and unfussy designs. It is all about the game of texture and layering and about mixing and matching minimalist pieces with each other.

Minimalist jewellery encourages ditching colorful gemstones behind and choosing a gemstone that could go with as many outfits as possible. One of these options could be a Baroque Pearl. Even though pearls are considered a gemstone, it really is a composite of minerals and organic compounds. What “organic” brings is the guarantee that there is only one created. There will be a lot of similar ones, however all of them differ in many ways highlighting the uniqueness of one. Pearls often vary in shade and texture which gives them character and individuality, just like all of us are different.


  • Made of 14ct gold fill

  • Chain: 18” (approx 46cm)

  • Gold circle measures approx 20mm x 20mm

  • Pearl measures approx 12mm x 12mm.

Note: Model is wearing 18” length chain - necklace sits on the collarbone.

Personalise: Make it your own and wear it at different lengths by choosing “18” + 1” extension chain”.

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