Fantasy Necklace - From Deep Within

Fantasy Necklace - From Deep Within


The Necklace is made of clear Crystal Quartz connectors, Balinese Glass beads that I got whilst traveling in Asia, 14ct gold filled wire and delicate Figaro chain. 

- The clasp isn't provided on purpose but the chain can be doubled up if the length is right.

- Every piece is handmade and one of a kind.

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From the designer's personal traveling Journal:

Have you ever truly thought and appreciated the Power of Nature?
I took this picture myself in 2009 with a borrowed camera when I was traveling in Georgia. I was a starting hobby photographer and simply couldn't afford one. When I saw this water/wind body getting closer, surprisingly, I wasn't thinking about going to find a shelter, on contrary, I was trying to take this shot for a photography contest. That very moment I genuinely felt stunned by what Nature can do and how small a human being is: no matter of your wealth and status we are all the same against Nature's intentions.
I didn't win the competition but taking that risk made me achieve and be proud of this shot and feeling greatful being at that time and place.
9 years later I still carry this memory and it has become an inspiration for one of my FANTASY Necklaces which I called "From Deep Within" to celebrate the power of nature that we have no control of, and that is why it is so beautiful. Every Fantasy Necklace is one of the kind and has a story. It takes up to 6 hours for me to make and it consists of materials that I usually pick up when traveling- this particular one is made of 14ct rolled gold and Balinese glass that I brought from Bali this summer. This deep indigo/cobalt colour will always associate with the deepest World's oceans and darkest stormy skies.