Fantasy Necklace - My Jungle Love

Fantasy Necklace - My Jungle Love


The Necklace is made of clear Crystal Quartz connectors, Balinese Glass beads that I got whilst traveling in Asia, 14ct gold filled leaf charms, same wire and delicate Figaro chain. 

- The clasp isn't provided on purpose as the style is supposed to drop without doubling the chain.

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From the designer's personal traveling Journal:

Meet the Tropical Jungle Fantasy

Inspired by that lovely and cooling tree shade on a hot summer day, by the variety of plants that you have never seen and by that magical feeling when you realise how powerful and grand our Nature is.
I will never forget my first night spent on a tropical island. Do You know the reason why? Because that very moment I realised that NATURE NEVER SLEEPS.

Ever since I always look forward to go back and to hear that most beautiful tropical music again.