Flower Necklace

Flower Necklace

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Plumeria is a small tropical tree with fragrant flowers, commonly used to make the iconic and significantly fragrant leis in Hawaii. Plumerias have carried complex symbolic significance across different cultures around the world throughout the past two thousand years. Among the Maya this flower was highly associated with female sexuality or, for example, across Pacific islands until this day women wear it behind their ear to indicate their relationship status.

This simple and dainty flower design is extremely feminine and sweet and will make a fantastic addition to your day-to-day jewellery box. Or, make it your go-to statement accessory to highlight the romantic side of you.


  • Pendant measures approx 9.7 x 10.9 mm

  • Chain: 18” ( approx 46cm)

  • Anti tarnish

  • Finish: bright

  • One sided.

Note: Model is wearing 18” length chain - necklace sits on the collarbone.

Personalise: Make it your own and wear it at different lengths by choosing “18” + 1” extension chain”.

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