Stacking Beach Bracelet - Rhodochrosite

Stacking Beach Bracelet - Rhodochrosite


This dainty stacking beach bracelet is made of 3mm pale pink Rhodochrosite gemstones and 3mm yellow gold filled corrugated beads. The design is carefully hand-strung with a strong jeweller's stringing wire and finished with 14ct rolled gold Figaro chain. The bracelet is finished with a 14ct yellow gold filled Lobster clasp and a jump ring. Every bracelet has an adjustable chain and can be worn at your preferred length. Extension chain has a dangly gemstone at the end which makes it very easy to hold on to when fastening.

Rhodochrosite beads are micro-faceted and catch the light beautifully . Very unusual colouring, which is closest to a pale peach/nude colour, and opaque.

NOTE: As this is a natural stone, therefore beads may slightly vary in colour.

Also available in Sterling Silver.

This item is 100% handmade.

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