Stacking Beach Bracelet - Spinel

Stacking Beach Bracelet - Spinel


This dainty stacking beach bracelet is made of 2mm multi-coloured Spinel gemstones and 2mm yellow gold filled round beads. The design is carefully hand-strung with a strong jeweller's stringing wire and finished with 14ct rolled gold Figaro chain. The bracelet is finished with a 14ct rolled gold Lobster clasp and a jump ring. Every bracelet has an adjustable chain and can be worn at your preferred length. Extension chain has either a dangly gold bead at the end which makes it very easy to hold on to when fastening.

Spinel beads are micro-faceted and catch the light beautifully . Colours in one bracelet range from light grey, pale lilac, light and medium pink or light brown to darker purple, light green and mocha.

NOTE: As this is a natural stone beads vary in colour from bracelet to bracelet.

The stones are AAA class which means that hey are the most sought out precious stones, for the cut is perfect and the colour is vibrant. All gems are very sparkly.

Also available in Sterling Silver.

This item is 100% handmade.

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